Best Restaurants in Canggu

One of the first things any visitor to the hipster hotspot of Canggu will notice is the abundance of restaurants! From local Warungs (local indonesian restaurants) to fine dining rooftops there really is something for everyone in this little corner of Bali. Canggu first rose to notoriety as a surfing spot with just a few cafes for the surfers to grab a brekkie and coffee before hitting the waves. Since then the last 10 years have seen Canggu become a sprawling suburb lined with cafes, restaurants, gyms, spas and high end villas catering to the young digital-nomad generation searching for a more laid back lifestyle in the sun. You will nowadays find just about every type of cuisine in the world in this small town – you name it, we have it! From Greek tavernas to japanese izakayas there is always something to tickle your tastebuds in the Gu. Some of the best restaurants in Canggu have international chefs who help design the menus and run the kitchen such is the competition here.

For those of you wanting something a bit more casual and heartwarming The Barn brings you classic British pub cuisine with great options for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Our unique space is inspired by classic London boozers but with a tropical touch. From burgers to salads to pizzas, we have something for everyone – especially the homesick Brits who can enjoy our pies, fish & chips, bangers & mash and not forgetting our famous Sunday Roasts!

canggu restaurants

Some of our picks

Ok so what are the best restaurants in Canggu (aside from The Barn of course!) The local warungs are always super popular as people search that authentic taste on Indonesia. Some of the more popular ones are warung local, warung varuna and warung sika which have all been long running in the area. Casual cafe spots like Milk & Madu, Copenhagen, Cafe Vida, Avocado factory & Motion cafe are good options in Batu Bolong for healthy brunch/cafe sort of vibes. For more fancy dinners Skool, Santanera, Shelter, Mason & Yuki are some of our favourites. For more casual dinners and beers/cocktails, Mexican restaurants Lolas, Mexicola & Lacalita are all good fun. Or if you want a wider variety of foods you can visit us for some classic pub food & western favourites.