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Best Restaurants in Canggu

One of the first things any visitor to the hipster hotspot of Canggu will notice is the abundance of restaurants! From local Warungs (local indonesian restaurants) to fine dining rooftops there really is something for everyone in this little corner of Bali. Canggu first rose to notoriety as a surfing spot with just a few […]

Best Sunday Roast in Canggu

You may think a Sunday Roast is a meal best suited to a cold dark winters day in England, however Sundays at The Barn have become famous in Canggu for their traditional roast dinners. Whether you’ve spent the last 6 months backpacking in Asia and are in need of a taste of home or you […]

Best Sports Bar in Canggu

While you may associate Bali with beautiful beaches, yoga and healthy living; over the past 5 years Canggu has become the central hub of the western community in Bali. This increase in people has brought about an increased demand for a place to watch the top sporting events and our modern sports pub concept fits […]

Top 5 things to do in Canggu on a rainy day

So you’ve landed in Bali for your holiday of sun in the tropics but the Balinese gods have got other ideas and its raining – fear not we have a list of some great activities in Canggu to keep you entertained. Bali has 2 seasons – wet which runs from November/December to March/April, and dry […]